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    1) Topics of Horticultural and Agronomic Sciences and Technology (AST):

    Advances aspects in Horticultural Sciences, Agronomic Bioinformatics, Fruit and Vegetable Production, Phonemics in Horticulture and Agronomy, Crop Breading and Genetics and new varieties, Post-Harvest Technology and Marketing, Ornamentals, Landscape and Urban Environment, Medicinal plants, Plant Nutrition, Organic-farming systems, Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics, Soil Research, Agricultural Biochemistry, Water Resources Management, Seed Science and Technology, Integrated Pest Management, Food Safety and Processing, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, Agricultural Extension, Agro-ecology, Agroforestry, Forestry, Environment, Forest Products and Technology.

    2) Topics of Animal and Veterinary Sciences (AVS):

    Animal Health and hygiene, Animal Biotechnology, Animal and Poultry Production and Reproduction, Animal Diseases and surgery, Animal biochemistry, parasitology and microbiology. Veterinary pathology, Histology, Clinical Pathology and pharmacology. Food and Milk Hygiene. Fisheries and Fish Diseases, Animal and Poultry Bioinformatics, Molecular Genetics, Nitro-genomics, Veterinary Molecular Biology.

    3) Topics of Engineering and Technology (ET):

    Advances in Material and Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Architecture Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Irrigation Engineering.